Student, front-end dev, computer enthusiast

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About me

I'm a second-year student of the Technical Gymnasium program at Vegova Ljubljana. I'm also a member of the Vegovacraft club, where we learn about electronics and programming.

Outside the classroom, my passion lies in the realm of programming, especially web development. In 2019, I first found out about web sites and how they work. I liked it, so I started learning web development and I've been hooked ever since. I'm currently learning ReactJS, NodeJS and advanced Arduino programming.

When I'm not coding, I like to fly drones, play video games and fiddle with electronics. I also like to photograph and edit photos, as well as make videos.


My skills

I like to make as much as possible with vannila HTML, CSS and JS, but I also like to use ReactJS and NodeJS for more complex projects. I am experienced with Git and Github, Arduino and I'm an A1/A3 drone pilot as well.

Languages I use:

My projects

Here are some of my projects. For more, visit this website.

My website

This website

html css js
web Website githublol Github


Food ordering service improvment

nodejs react
web Website githublol Github

Youtube Downloader

Online YouTube to MP3 converter

html css js nodejs
web Website githublol Github


Misceallaneous Discord bot with many features

nodejs js
githublol Github

Weather App

Weather app with current weather and forecast

react nodejs
web Website githublol Github

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Contact me

Here are some of my social media links. You can also contact me via email by clicking this link.